JAPAN TRAVEL SIM for unlocked phone JAPAN TRAVEL SIM for unlocked phone

1.5GB 30日間/3GB 30日間 1.5GB 30日間/3GB 30日間

Step for Use 使用方法

  1. STEP1
    Turn off the power for your device, set the SIM card in posotion, and turn it back on. 关闭您使用的终端的电源,安装SIM,然后再打开电源。 ※If you do not set SIM, you may not be able to proceed to APN setting in STEP 2.
    Be sure to set SIM before proceeding to STEP 2.
  2. STEP2
    After the APN settings are completed, restart your device. 设置APN后重启。 ※Please register your user information within 30 days after completing APN settings.
    If you do not complete registration, your SIM card cannot be used.
    *Excluding the maintenance time, please execute "Step for Use". ※不包括维护时间,请执行“使用方法”。 System maintenance details 系统维护详情 APN settings APN设定
  3. STEP3
    Access the registration page. Log in PASSCODE 1 / PASSCODE 2 on the SIM card. 进入注册页面并使用SIM卡座上列出的PASSCODE 1 / PASSCODE 2登录。 *It is not possible to use it if you lose PASSCODE1 / PASSCODE2 before the usage registration is completed. ※如果您在使用注册完成之前丢失了「PASSCODE1/PASSCODE2」,则无法使用它。
  4. STEP4
    Registar your user information on the settings page and set the date you plan to start using the SIM card. 登录指定页面进行用户信息注册,
  5. STEP5
    Your SIM card will be activated and usable starting from the planned date you enterd. 并设置预定开始使用日。 *Establishing an LTE connection can take time. ※建立LTE连接可能需要时间。。

Service overview 服务概要

Service name 服务名称 Japan Travel SIM for Unlocked phone
Data capacity of 数据流量
  • 1.5GB
  • 3GB
Service period: 可使用期间 30days 30
Recharge 充值
You can purchase the "IIJmio Coupon Card" to add data volume to your package within the period of Service availability. 凡在可使用期间内,即可使用“IIJmio充值卡”再次充值数据量。
The Brastel Card allows you to place calls by using its dedicated app.
The Brastel Card also allows you to recharge your SIM card to add extra data.
※Get your own 050 number for free to receive calls.
About Brastel Card
Reference price 参考价格 Set by the retailer 由零售商设置
Transmission rate 通信速度 4G(LTE)
(Maximum 788 Mbps downlink/50 Mbps uplink)
※Transmission rate depends on your device. ※根据您所使用设备的不同, 网络速度会有所差异。 ※3G network is available outside of LTE coverage. ※LTE信号覆盖范围外时,将通过3G网络进行通信。
SIM size SIM大小 Multi-size SIM(3 in 1) 多尺寸SIM卡(3 in 1)
Available area 可用区域 Service available anywhere in Japan. 可在日本全国使用。
Customer support 客服窗口
IIJ Support Center is available year-round(9:00-19:00) IIJ客服中心 全年无休(9:00-19:00) 03-5205-4999 ※Customer support is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese only. ※仅支持日语、英语、中文。