List of tested devices 已确认的可用设备一览

SIM cards from Japan Travel SIM have been tested to work with the following communication devices. Japan Travel SIM的SIM卡,已在下列通信终端中进行了操作确认。

  • All descriptions in this page are the results of our own research, and we are not responsible for guaranteeing or providing support for said descriptions. ※本页面中记载的内容,均为弊公司独自调查的结果,并不是保证或支持相关内容的说明。
  • Only for regularly manufactured terminals sold sold in Japan and compatible with LTE or 3G and have a mark (Technical Conformity Mark) such as Japanese technical standard conformity certification, we conducted a test of the operation verification. ※仅适用于在日本销售的定制终端,仅针对支持LTE或3G,并附带有特定无线设备技术基准适合证明标志(技适标志)的移动终端,进行了操作确认验证。

Precautions 注意事项

  • For SIM Unlocked devices , unlocking is not necessary.If you use a japanese mobile phone operator's device(NTT docomo,au,softbank), contact your supplier regarding the possibility of using and unlocking. SIM unlocked 的终端,解锁是没有必要的。 如果您使用的日本手机运营商(docomo / au / Softbank)终端,请事先与提供商联系,了解可用性,包括是否可解除SIM锁等问题。
  • If you do not get 4G or LTE after completing the APN setting, please try rebooting the device several times. It may take time depending on the device. 如果完成APN设置不成为4G或LTE符号,请尝试重新启动终端几次。取决于终端可能需要时间。
  • Testing has not been conducted for all apps. 未进行各类应用的操作确认。
  • We are not responsible for cutting SIM cards or for the use of SIM adaptors. Such actions must be performed at the customer's own risk. If any problem such as that including malfunctions occurs, we are not responsible for providing any guarantees. 关于SIM卡的剪卡或SIM转接卡的使用,本公司不负任何责任,属于客户的个人责任。发生无法正常启动等问题时,弊公司也无法进行任何承诺。

List of tested devices 已确认的可用设备一览

Please select the manufacturer. 请选择制造商。

Tested version
IDOL 4 Android 6.0.1(01003)
SHINE LITE Android 6.0.0(01004)
iPhone 5s iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 6 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 6 plus iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 6s iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 6s Plus iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone SE iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 7 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 7 plus iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 8 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone 8 plus iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone X iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone XS iOS12.0(16A366)
iPhone XS Max iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Air iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Air 2 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad mini 2 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad mini 3 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad mini 4 iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Pro iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Pro 9.7inch iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Pro 10.5inch iOS12.0(16A366)
iPad Pro 12.9inch iOS12.0(16A366)
ZenFone 2 Laser Android 6.0.1(MMB29P.JP_Phone-
ZenFone Max Android 6.0.1(MMB29P.JP_Phone-
ZenFone Go Android 5.1.1(LMY47V.JP_Phone-13.0209.1705.116-20170621044040677_2015122901270020000400035)
ZenFone 3 Android 7.0.0(NRD90M.jp_Phone-14.2020.1712.85-20171228070010915_201612010002)
ZenFone 3 Laser Android 7.1.1(NMF26F.JP_user_31.40.13.84_20171018071001008_20174280134)
ZenFone 3 Max Android 7.0.0(NRD90M.jp_Phone-14.13.1711.87-20171201)
ZenFone AR Android 7.0.0(NRD90M.JP_Phone-14.1600.1711.36-20171117070010954_201701261218)
ZenFone Zoom S Android 7.1.1(NMF26F.JP_user_23.40.97.96_20171215071001043_20176190006)
ZenFone Live Android 6.0.1(MMB29P.jp_Phone-13.1407.1711.51-20180103060020952_201701240057)
ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro Android 7.1.1(NMF26F.WW_user_12.40.273.128_20171218071001027)
ZenFone 4 Android 7.1.1(NMF26X.WW_Phone-14.1064.1712.99-20180112071001040_201706140144)
ZenFone 4 Pro Android 7.1.1(NMF26X.WW_Phone-14.2610.1801.51-20180207071001118_201710020028)
ZenFone 4 カスタマイズモデル Android 7.1.1(NMF26X.WW_Phone-14.1064.1712.99-20180112071001040_201706140144)
ZenFone 4 Selfie Android 7.1.1(NMF26F.WW_Phone-14.0400.1802.190-20180202)
ZenFone 4 Max Android 7.1.1(NMF26F.WW_Phone_14.2016.1801.372-20180119071001011_20175030213)
ZenPad 3 8.0 Android 7.0.0(NRD90M.JP_P008-V5.5.0-2017616070010909_201611230007)
ZenPad 10 Android 7.0.0(NDR90M.14.0410.1711.51-20171215070011004_201704210017)
CAT S40 Android 5.1(LTE_D0201121.0_S40_0.030.01)
CAT S60 Android 6.0.1(LTE_D0201121.0_S60_0.035.00)
arrows M02 Android 5.1.1(V01R041B_Kit(1ebf))
arrows M03 Android 6.0.1(V06R055F)
arrows M04 Android 7.1.1(V03R039E)
Si-L10 ー(
P8 lite Android 6.0.0(ALE-L02C635B562)
Ascend Mate 7 Android 6.0.0(MT7-J1C635B592)
GR5 Android 5.1.1(KII-L22C635B140)
P9 lite Android 7.0.0(VNS-L22C635B391)
nova lite Android 7.0.0(PRA-LX2C635B184)
nova Android 7.0.0(CAN-L12C635B342)
P10 lite Android 7.0.0(WAS-LX2JC635B186)
P10 Android 7.0.0(VTR-L29C635B210)
P10 Plus Android 7.0.0(VKY-L29C635B210)
honor 9 Android 7.0.0(STF-09C635B170)
Mate 10 Pro Android 8.0.0(BLA-L29
nova lite 2 Android 8.0.0(FIG-LA1
MediaPad M3 Lite 10 Android 7.0.0(BHA-L09C229B252)
YOGA BOOK Android 7.1.1(LenovoYB1-X90L_S110085_171017)
Moto G5 Plus Android 7.0.0(NPNS25.137-93-4)
Moto Z2 Play Android 7.1.1(NPSS26.118-19-18)
Moto G5s Plus Android 7.1.1(NPSS26.116-61-2)
Moto X4 Android 8.0.0(OPW27.2)
Moto G5s Android 7.1.1(NPPS26.102-63-1)
Aterm MR04LN ー(1.4.0)
Aterm MR05LN ー(2.1.0)
Aterm HT100LN SW ー(1.0.1)
GRANBEAT Android 6.0.1(CMX1_DGOM_1.047.00)
SH-M04-A Android 6.0.1(01.00.05)
SH-N01 Android 5.1.1(01.00.00)
AQUOS sense lite SH-M05 Android 7.1.2(01.00.03)
AQUOS R compact SH-M06 Android 8.0.0(01.00.01)
novas HOME+CA FREE ー( R-14527)
NuAns NEO [Reloaded] Android 7.1.2(NuAns-NEO2-V22)
VAIO Phone A Android 6.0.1(MMB29M-00310.apadmin.201706.015127)
Blade V8 Android 7.0.0(GEN_JP_BV0800_V2.5)