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Q & A 常见问题

  • How can I set up the SIM? 请告诉我设置方法。
  • See the Usage Flow packaged with the SIM or see the following links:

    How to setting
    For eSIM
    For SIM card

  • My Data Plan (data volume) has been used up. Can I recharge the SIM? 数据流量已用完。可以追加数据流量吗?
  • Yes, you can. If the SIM is still within the validity period, you can recharge it by purchasing the IIJmio Coupon Card, IIJmio Coupon Card/Selectable, or IIJmio Coupon Card/Digital.See the following URL for how to recharge your eSIM/SIM.
    How to recharge
    Please note that you cannot access other than the Japan Travel SIM website if there is no data volume left.
    另外,如无剩余数据流量,只能访问Japan Travel SIM主页。
  • Where can I check my service start date, expiration date, and data volume balance? 在哪里可以查看开始使用日期、使用期限和剩余数据流量?
  • You can check them from the support page. Please log in from here.
    *You will be required to provide the PASSCODE1/PASSCODE2 on the back of the SIM card attached plastic card or in the "ready to start" email.
    ※需要使用SIM卡衬纸背面或“ready to start”邮件中的PASSCODE1/PASSCODE2进行登录。
  • Please tell me the requirements for the appropriate devices. 请告诉我可使用终端的条件。
  • The following are likely valid devices. 在以下终端机器的情况下,让人自然认为可利用。
    • SIM-free devices (IIJ does not guarantee the operation of devices whose SIM lock has been disengaged.)
      Devices other than the above may also be valid provided that they meet the below conditions.
      Please note that IIJ cannot guarantee the usability of this service even should the below conditions be met.
      • Device that supports LTE/3G service by NTT DoCoMo 需能应对NTT DOCOMO的LTE/3G
      • Devices on which APN settings for IIJmio can be performed, resulting in a connection 需进行IIJmio的APN设定,并能从该设定进行连接
      • *Please see the List of Devices with Verified Operation for devices for which IIJ has verified operation.
        *Certain communications devices may not recognize SIM cards.
  • Tell me the information necessary to make input for MCC and MNC. 请告诉我输入MCC、MNC的信息。
  • Normally, SIM cards are automatically displayed if they are recognized by the device. If they are not displayed, input "440" in "MCC" and "03" in "MNC." 在通常情况下,如果终端机器侧识别出了SIM卡,就会自动显示,但是如果不显示,则请在“MCC”输入“440”,在“MNC”输入“03”。
  • How can I check the serial number (ICCID) of my eSIM for the passcode inquiry? 我正在使用 eSIM。我不知道用于查询密码的序列号(SERIAL NUMBER、ICCID)。请告诉我如何查看。
  • Check our email titled "ready to start" or device settings 您可以从“ready to start”电子邮件或设备设置屏幕中进行检查。
    • How to check the device settings
      <For iOS>
      • "Settings" → "General" → "About" "设置" → "通用" → "关于本机"
      <For Android> <使用Android时>
      • "Settings" → "About phone" → "SIM status" "设置" → "关于手机" → "SIM 卡状态"
      * Transitions may vary according to OS version of your device.

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Chat support is available 24 hour service.
24 小时提供聊天支持服务。

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