Q & A 常见问题

Services 关于数据通信及终端

  • Is there any necessary arrangement for purchasing the Japan Travel SIM? 购买时,需要什么必要的手续吗?
  • You may be required to submit identification issued by a public organization, such as a passport. 可能会要求出示用于确认本人身份的各类证明(护照等公共机关发放的证明等)。
  • Can I use the Japan Travel SIM immediately after purchasing? 仅购买Japan Travel SIM就可以使用了吗?
  • You can use the service by setting your device, registering your user information, etc.
    Please see here for details.
  • Does the package fee for the Japan Travel SIM include any data capacity? Japan Travel SIM的套餐费用,包括数据容量吗?
  • Yes, It is included in the package fees. 是的。含在套餐费用中。
  • I purchased the Japan Travel SIM and found a "Brastel card" included in the package. What is this? 刚刚购买了Japan Travel SIM,附带有「博朗思特卡」。何谓「博朗思特卡」?
  • This a prepaid card provided by Brastel Co., Ltd. You can make telephone calls by charging the card. Additionally, if the allowed period of usage of your Japan Travel SIM is still in effect, you can increase your data volume by charging your Brastel card. For details on your Brastel card, please see Brastel's website at:http://brastel.com/japantravelsim 这是博朗思特股份有限公司提供的预付卡。通过对卡进行充值(预付)就可拨打电话。此外,如果在Japan Travel SIM的可利用期间内,则通过对博朗斯特卡进行充值,就可追加流量。关于博朗斯特卡的详细信息,请在博朗斯特的网站页面进行确认。
  • Please tell me the entire procedure, from purchasing the Japan Travel SIM to starting use. 请说明一下从购买Japan Travel SIM到开始使用的整体流程。
  • You can use the service by setting your device, registering your user information, etc.
    Please see here for details.
  • Is it possible to refund, change, or reissue the package? 套餐商品可以进行退货・更换・再次发放吗?
  • No, it is impossible. 不,不可以。
  • Is it necessary to cancel the Japan Travel SIM when it is no longer needed? 不再使用时,需要解约手续吗?
  • No procedures are needed. You will automatically become unable to use your Japan Travel SIM when the allowed period of usage is up. 不,不需要办理手续。一旦超出可利用期间,就自动不再能利用。
  • Can I use the SIM card even by someone other than the registrant who registered the user information. 进行了利用者信息登录之外的人也可以使用吗?
  • No, it is impossible. 不,不可以。
  • Please tell me how to pay for the Japan Travel SIM. 请告诉我支付方式。
  • It depends on the supplier. Please contact your supplier for details. 根据出售店铺而有所不同。请在各店铺内确认。
  • Do you offer customer support? 有客服支持窗口吗?
  • We provide customer support in English, Chinese and Japanese. Contact our support line by telephone.
    IIJ Support Center:
    Phone: +8-3-5205-4999
    Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily
    营业时间:全年无休 9:00 ~19:00
  • Is any registration necessary for using the Japan Travel SIM? 使用Japan Travel SIM时,需要会员登录吗?
  • User information must be registered prior to use. To register user information, the name, passport number, nationality and date of birth of the user are required. 在利用前,需注册利用者信息。需要注册的利用者信息包括利用者的姓名、护照号码、国籍和出生年月日。
  • What is the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification? 技术适合基准证明是什么?
  • For details on the Technical Regulations Conformity Certification, visit the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. 关于技术适合基准证明,在外务省主页上有详细的介绍,请参照此链接
  • Is it possible to migrate to another service? 可以转换至其他服务吗?
  • No, it is impossible to migrate from this service to another service provided by us. 不可以。无法将本服务转换至本公司提供的其他通信服务上。
  • Can I check the registered user information? 可以确认已注册的使用者信息吗?
  • You may verify that here.
    *You will need to log into the Support Page.
  • I registered the wrong user information. 注册的使用者信息错误。
  • Requests for revision are accepted. Please contact the IIJ Support Center. 接受修改。请向IIJ支持中心垂询。
  • After completing user registration, I lost my passcode and can no longer log in. 在利用者注册后,一旦遗失了密码,就不再能登录。
  • You can perform a passcode inquiry on the Support Page. 可通过支持页面的密码查询来查询。
  • Is it possible to change the expected usage start date that I set before that date? 在开始利用日前,可以变更设定的开始利用预定日吗?
  • Yes, it is possible. The expected usage start date can be changed for 30 days from the day user registration is performed by logging into the Support Page. You will no longer be able to change the expected usage start date after it has passed. 可以。可以在从进行了利用者注册的日子开始的30天之间,登录支持页面后进行变更。在过了开始利用日后,就不再能进行变更。
  • Are there any documents that I need upon using this service? 利用时有所需书面材料吗?
  • You will need your passport number in order to use this service. 利用本项服务需要护照号码。

Data communications and devices 关于数据通信及终端

  • Please tell me about the area where the Japan Travel SIM is valid. 请告诉我Japan Travel SIM的可使用范围。
  • Service available anywhere in Japan.
    Network coverage is described on NTT DOCOMO's Web site (Japanese only).
    服务区域请根据NTT DOCOMO的主页确认(仅支持日语)。
  • Please tell me the requirements for the appropriate devices. 请告诉我可使用终端的条件。
  • The following are likely valid devices. 在以下终端机器的情况下,让人自然认为可利用。
    • SIM-free devices (IIJ does not guarantee the operation of devices whose SIM lock has been disengaged.)
      Devices other than the above may also be valid provided that they meet the below conditions.
      Please note that IIJ cannot guarantee the usability of this service even should the below conditions be met.
      • Device that supports LTE/3G service by NTT DoCoMo 需能应对NTT DOCOMO的LTE/3G
      • Devices on which APN settings for IIJmio can be performed, resulting in a connection 需进行IIJmio的APN设定,并能从该设定进行连接
      • *Please see the List of Devices with Verified Operation for devices for which IIJ has verified operation.
        *Certain communications devices may not recognize SIM cards.
  • Is tethering possible? 可以实现网络共享吗?
  • IIJ does not stipulate any restrictions. Your device may or may not support tethering, depending on the type of device used. IIJ方面未有限制。但,根据您所使用的终端不同,有的机种可以进行共享,有的则无法进行共享。
  • Are SMS and voice calls available? 可以使用SMS或语音通话吗?
  • No, this package is designed specifically for data communications and does not support SMS or voice calls. 不可以。本套餐是数据通信专用,不支持SMS或语音通话。
  • Please tell me the supported LTE/3G frequencies and bandwidths. 请告诉我可使用的LTE/3G频率、Band。
  • The following frequencies and bandwidths are supported. Please check if your device supports one of them.
    LTE: Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 19 (800 MHz) / Band 21 (1,500 MHz) / Band 3 (1,800 MHz; only available in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya metropolitan regions)
    3G: Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 6/19 (800 MHz)
    以下频率、Band 可供使用。请确认通信终端是否支持。
    LTE:Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 19 (800MHz)/Band 21 (1500MHz)/ Band 3(1800MHz、仅限东京、名古屋、大阪)
    3G:Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 6/19 (800MHz)
  • Can I use the Japan Travel SIM abroad? 在日本国外也可以使用吗?
  • No, you cannot. Use this SIM card only in Japan. It is prohibited to take this SIM card out of Japan. 不可以使用。请在日本国内使用。
  • Does the Japan Travel SIM support IPv6? 支持IPv6吗?
  • Yes. However, to use IPv6, your device must support IPv6 and the LTE network. 是的,支持。但是,使用IPv6时,通信终端需支持IPv6以及LTE。
  • Is it possible to change the size of the Japan Travel SIM? SIM卡的尺寸可以进行变更吗?
  • This 3 in 1 SIM card can be cut into one of the following sizes depending on which one is necessary: standard, micro and nano.
    Please note that even if you cut the card into the wrong size, it cannot be reissued.
  • Is it possible to configure the PIN code? 能设定PIN码吗?
  • Yes, the PIN code can be configured. The default PIN code is "0000."
    Please see the instructions manual for your device on how to configure the PIN code.
  • The PIN lock activated. Please tell me the code to disengage the PIN lock (PUK code). PIN被锁定了。请告知PIN锁定的解除码(PUK码)。
  • After verifying the serial number indicated on the back side of the SIM card paperboard, please contact the IIJ Support Center. 请在确认了记载于SIM卡衬片背面的制造号码后,向IIJ支持中心联系。
  • I have started using the Japan Travel SIM. Until when can I use this? 已开始使用Japan Travel SIM了,可以使用到什么时候呢?
  • That depends on your usage registration status. Please see here for details. 因利用注册状况不同而有所不同。详细信息请在此处确认。
  • Which type of connection does the Japan Travel SIM support? 支持的连接方法是什么?
  • For the PDP type, the Japan Travel SIM supports IP connection. PDP-type支持「IP连接」。
  • What happens if I run out of data capacity? 数据容量用尽后,会怎么样呢?
  • You will become unable to access any websites other than the Japan Travel SIM website. 仅能访问Japan Travel SIM的网站页面。
  • Is there any notification made before I run out of data capacity? 数据容量用尽前,会有提示吗?
  • No notification is given.
    You will become unable to access any websites other than the Japan Travel SIM website as soon as your data volume is depleted.
    在流量耗尽时,仅能访问Japan Travel SIM的网站页面。
  • With a data capacity of 1 GB, how much can I use the network? 1GB 的数据容量大概能用多久?
  • The estimated usages for frequently used services are described here for your reference. 依据经常使用的服务,可供参考的使用量请参照此链接。
  • Is there any restriction on available protocols or apps? 对可供使用的网络协议以及应用程式有何限制?
  • There is no special restriction on protocols or apps. However, some apps or services may be unavailable depending on the situation, as this service allocates private IP addresses to devices to conduct communications. 没有针对网络协议或应用程序进行限制。但是,本服务是通过向终端分配个人IP地址来进行通信的,所以也许会出现一部分应用程序或服务无法使用的情况。
  • The communication is too slow. 速度慢。
  • This service is a "best-effort communication service," and it may not provide high transmission rates due to radio conditions or heavy traffic. This situation may be improved by restarting the device or reconfiguring the settings. Additionally, resident apps may occupy bandwidth and lower the transmission rate. Please check the apps you are using. 因标准的因特网服务模式,根据电波及混杂情况等,也许会出现无通信速度的情况。但是,通过重启通信终端或进行重新设置等,也许会得到改善,请根据需要尝试。同时,因驻留应用程序占用波段,致使速度变慢的情况也会出现,请确认好您所使用的应用程序。
  • Can I use the Japan Travel SIM with a 2G (GSM) device? 可否使用支持2G(GSM)的终端?
  • No, you cannot. You need a device that supports LTE/3G. For appropriate devices, see here. 不可以使用。需要使用支持LTE/3G的终端。关于可使用的终端请参照此链接。
  • Please tell me how to configure the Japan Travel SIM. 请告诉我设置方法。
  • Please perform settings after referring to the "USER MANUAL" included with the package or the information here. 请参阅打包在套餐里的“USER MANUAL”或者此处后进行设定。
  • Tell me the information necessary to make input for MCC and MNC. 请告诉我输入MCC、MNC的信息。
  • Normally, SIM cards are automatically displayed if they are recognized by the device. If they are not displayed, input "440" in "MCC" and "03" in "MNC." 在通常情况下,如果终端机器侧识别出了SIM卡,就会自动显示,但是如果不显示,则请在“MCC”输入“440”,在“MNC”输入“03”。
  • Where can I see the start date of use for the Japan Travel SIM, the expiry date, and the remaining data capacity? 使用起始日、使用期限、数据容量余额等在哪儿可以进行确认?
  • You can verify this on the Support Page. Please log in here to verify it.
    *To log in, you will need the "PASSCODE 1" and "PASSCODE 2" indicated on the back side of the SIM card paperboard.
  • I cannot connect to the network. 无法连接。
  • For details on connection settings, please see here. 关于连接设定的详细信息,请在此处确认。
  • Is it possible to change from the 1.5 GB version to the 3 GB version following purchase? 购买后,可从1.5GB版变更为3GB版吗?
  • No, it is impossible. 不,不可以。

Recharge 充值

  • I ran out of data capacity. Can I increase the data capacity? 数据容量用光了。可以追加数据容量吗?
  • As long as the allowed period of usage is not up, it is possible to add data volume by using an "IIJmio Coupon Card" or "IIJmio couponcard/selectable" or an "IIJmio Coupon Card/Digital." For details such as where to buy these cards and the process of using them, please see here.
    Please note that if you have no data volume left over, you will no be able to access any websites other than the Japan Travel SIM website.
    此外,在剩余流量耗尽时,仅能访问Japan Travel SIM的网站页面。
  • If I recharge the SIM card to add extra data with the "IIJmio Coupon Card", is there any expiration date for the data? 从"IIJmio 充值卡"再次充值的数据量是否有有效期限?
  • Recharged coupons are good until the end of the month three months following the day of recharging.
    *When coupons are further recharged while they are still good, their valid term becomes longer (up to the end of the month five months following the day of recharging).
    The valid term of recharged coupon cards can be verified on the Support Page.
    Please log in here to verify it.
    *To log in, you will need the "PASSCODE 1" and "PASSCODE 2" indicated on the back side of the SIM card paperboard.
  • Why can't I recharge the SIM card? 无法向 SIM 卡再次充值。
  • If the service period of the Japan Travel SIM has expired or the expiration date of the "IIJmio Coupon Card" or "IIJmio couponcard/selectable" has passed, it is impossible to recharge the SIM card. 如果 Japan Travel SIM 卡超过了使用期限、或 “IIJmio 充值卡 ” 或 "IIJmio可选的优惠券卡" 超过了使用期限,将无法再次充值。
  • If I recharge the SIM card with the "IIJmio Coupon Card" or "IIJmio couponcard/selectable", is it possible to extend the service period of my Japan Travel SIM? 如使用"IIJmio 充值卡""IIJmio可选的优惠券卡"再次充值,Japan Travel SIM 卡的可使用期限是否会延长?
  • Yes, the validity period of the Japan Travel SIM is extended to the end of the usage time limit of the "IIJmio Coupon Card" or the "IIJmio couponcard/selectable" or the "IIJmio Coupon Card/Digital" following its last charge. 是的,会延长至经最后一次充值的“IIJmio优惠卡”或“IIJmio优惠卡/数码”的利用期限日为止。
  • Is there any expiration date for the "IIJmio Coupon Card"? "IIJmio 充值卡""IIJmio可选的优惠券卡"是否有使用期限?
  • Yes, there is. Please register within six months after purchasing your "IIJmio Coupon Card."
    For the "IIJmio Coupon Card/Digital," you are asked to register by the date and time indicated on the ticket issued upon purchase.
  • Is there a way to recharge the add extra data other than "IIJmio Coupon Card" and "IIJmio couponcard/selectable" and "IIJmio Coupon Card/Digital." ? 除了使用“IIJmio优惠卡”“IIJmio优惠卡/数码”以外还有其他流量充值方法吗?
  • The Brastel Card also allows you to recharge the SIM card to add extra data. For details on how to use the Brastel card, visit Brastel's website. http://brastel.com/japantravelsim 也可以使用"博朗思特卡"对数据量进行再次充值。

Support page 关于帮助页面

  • I cannot log in to the support page. 无法登录。
  • It is possible that the information inputted is incorrect, or that the package's time limit for opening a line has expired.
    Please verify whether the information that you inputted is correct.
    Please note that if you are unable to log in after use, it is possible that the valid term of your login has expired.

Handling of SIM cards 关于SIM卡的处理

  • Is it possible to reissue the SIM card? SIM卡可以重新发放吗?
  • No, it is impossible to reissue the SIM card regardless of reason, such as loss, theft, or failure. 不可以。无论是丢失・被盗・故障等任何理由,SIM卡均不会重新发放。
  • What can I do if the SIM card had initial defects? SIM卡在出厂时就存在缺陷时,该怎么办呢?
  • With regards to initial failure, please consult with the store where you purchased the product. If you have already entered Japan, please repurchase the product at a store that carries it in Japan and consult with the store where you purchased the product with initial failure after returning to your home country. 关于初始不良,请向您的购买店铺咨询。在已经入境日本的情况下,请在日本有销售的店铺再次购买,并在回国后向您购买的店铺咨询。
  • Is it necessary to return the SIM card? SIM卡需要退还吗?
  • The SIM card is loaned to the customer from IIJ as a means of providing this service. It does not have to be returned. SIM卡是IIJ在提供本项服务时借与顾客使用的,不需要归还。